Southwest Flight Change Policy on Ticket Changes

Southwest Airlines is also known as Southwest is one of the major Airlines of the United States and it is the world’s largest low-cost carrier. Its flight change policy is very easy and that’s the reason people like to travel With Southwest. These days’ people want flexibility while booking, people don’t know when they need to change their plan and they need to reschedule their flights.

Southwest Flight Change Policy

Southwest Change Flight Policy reduces the stress of passenger’s related issues of change flight, cancellation of ticket. Rather than doing searches to find out about the rescheduling flight of Southwest, you can go through Southwest change flight policy to know about the rules needed to follow to change the flight of Southwest. With Southwest Flight Change Policy, it will become easier to do most of the change that comes your way, with more flexibility than before. This post will give you details about the rules for Southwest Change Flight Policy and also other information related to it.

  • There would be no Southwest change fee applied on passenger’s requests to change Flight Date, Time and Destinations, only change in fare applies.
  • Southwest Change Flight Policy applies till 2hours before your flight departure. You can ask Southwest for any modification 2hours before your flight just departs.
  • Passengers can make a change to their flight and can even cancel their flight within 14 days of their flight departure and can get a full refund.
  • Southwest change Flight is so flexible that it even allows same-day flight change for free if the passenger is willing to take any earlier or later flight in the network of Southwest.

Rules of Southwest Airline Change Flight

Here are the considerations for Southwest Airline change Flight,

  • According to Southwest Airline Change Flight, all funds are reusable until you have cancelled your flight as per No-Show Policy, it’s applicable to 10 minutes prior to the scheduled flight departure.
  • Southwest Flight change policy will be applicable to all flights booked through
  • If the passenger having a flight change has unused money left in their wallet after changes, it can be made reusable by the originally ticketed passenger.
  • Southwest Airlines doesn’t charge any fee for flight change, they just ask for the difference in fare of tickets, if passengers take an expensive flight ticket than before.
  • Southwest flight change for group passengers isn’t possible online
  • Southwest Flight Change can be done via calling at +1 (800) 435-9792.

Southwest Airlines Change Flight Fee

According to Southwest Flight Change Policy, Southwest Change Flight Fee strictly follows “Southwest No Change Fee”. As airlines understand that Passengers need to change their plans. Passengers just need to pay the change in prices of the ticket, you can make any changes to a flight free of cost.

If you made a change to your Flight that your new ticket costs less than the old one then you will get a refund in the payment or either in the form of future travel credit.

I want to add that, Southwest Airlines get more Flight change requests so you needed to pay a difference in fare.

How to Change Southwest Flight?

  • Southwest Flight Change is very easy and smooth, whether a passenger requests online or offline.
  • Visit the official website and click on “Change/Cancel “and choose the option “Change”.
  • Enter your reference number i.e Confirmation Number; enter first your First and Last Name.
  • On the next page choose your plan, and proceed by selecting the “Change” button.
  • Now enter new travel detail like the Date and Destination of your flight. Now click on “next” to move to the new flight option page.
  • According to Southwest Flight Change Policy, modifications can be made on the unused portion of travel only.
  • Next to each flight, you will get a flight change fee if applicable and a change in fare.
  • After selecting your flight, you will be further directed to the checkout page. If you select a flight more than the old one, then you need to pay the difference in fare.
  • If the new flight costs equal to or less than the old flight, passengers will be asked to confirm their new flight to complete changes.
  • After payment of the new flight with fare difference, you will soon get a confirmation mail regarding the flight change.

Southwest Same Day Flight Change

Like other carriers, Southwest Airlines doesn’t provide the facility of Southwest Same Day Flight Change. There’s no “same-day change fee”. You must upgrade to full anytime fare to change to another flight on the day of travel with the Want to Get Away Ticket.

Southwest Same-day flight change: If there’s a seat available on a different flight on the same day of your flight departure and it’s travelling in the same cities as yours then you can get a seat on a new flight free from any Airline charges. If an open seat isn’t available, you may ask an agent of Southwest Airlines to add you to the same-day standby list. You need to pay charges if any Government tax and fee-related changes. In such a case, your original onboarding position isn’t guaranteed.

Southwest Flight Change Policy 24 Hours

We know passengers plan changes unexpectedly, sometimes they need to change flight due to uncertain situation and condition is like that they need to change their flights. Southwest Flight Change Policy 24 hours is for such an unexpected situation. Southwest Flight Change Policy 24

Hours give you the freedom to change your flight travel date, time and Destination without giving any change fee. You can also cancel your ticket and get a full refund. Here are some details related to Southwest Flight Change Policy 24 hours.

  • Southwest Flight Change Policy 24Hours applies till 24 hours to your booking
  • According to this policy, you can make any changes to your flight within 24hours of your booking done by paying the ticket cost.
  • Southwest Flight change Policy 24 hours is only applicable to bookings done via
  • Southwest Flight change is not applicable to group travel, you need to contact the Airline for this.

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FAQs of Southwest Airlines Change Flight

Can you change your Southwest flight ticket after checking in for your flight?
Yes, even after you have checked in for your flights, you can make changes to your flight and you have until there are 10 minutes left for the flight departure.
Can you change a Southwest flight to a different airport?
Yes, you can change your Southwest flight to a different airport, you should just do so before the threshold of flight change.
Can I go to the airport to change my flight?
Yes, you have numerous ways to change your flight, one of which includes you going to the airport for that.
Can I change the name on my Southwest flight?
You can make a minor correction to your name, and in case of a legal name change, you can.
How much does Southwest charge for a name change?
To change your name on your Southwest flight you have to pay around USD 100 to USD 150.
Does Southwest charge any fee to change a flight?
No, you don’t have to pay any fee for changing your Southwest flights. But, you may have to pay the fare difference if your new flight is more expensive. If your new flight is less expensive then you will be credited with the fare difference to your original payment method or you can get the equivalent amount of Travel Funds for future use.
What is Southwest Airlines’ flight change policy?
You can change your flight for free if you do it at least 10 minutes before the flight departure. This goes for all fare types, even the Wanna Get Away fares.
What’s the meaning of the plus and minus signs when I change my flight on
When you are changing your Southwest flight, you will notice the plus (+) and minus (-) signs on the available flights. The plus sign depicts that your new flight is more expensive than the old one. And for the minus sign, it is vice versa.
What is Southwest Airlines’ change flight policy for Wanna Get Away tickets?
It is the same as it is for all other fare types on Southwest Airlines, you can change your flight for free if you do it at least 10 minutes before the flight departure. This goes for all fare types, even the Wanna Get Away fares.
How many times can I change my Southwest flight?
You can make flight changes unlimited times. However, each time, you have to keep in mind the payment you may have to make for the fare difference.
How does a fare upgrade work on Southwest?
You can upgrade your flight ticket by phone, online, or at the airport ticket counter (subject to availability). You can upgrade from a Wanna Get Away fare to an Anytime or Business Select fare.
How can I request a refund on Southwest?
When you contact Southwest Customer service or cancel your flight ticket online then request a refund.
For how long are Southwest Travel Funds valid?
Southwest Travel Funds are typically valid for one year from the original ticket’s issuing date, which is to say that is their expiration date. You must reserve and complete your journey before the expiration date.
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