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The largest airline in South Korea is Korean Air, the country's flag carrier. It is one of the top 20 airlines in the world and travels to 20 domestic locations in addition to more than 130 locations in 45 other nations. You may go to locations like Hong Kong, Osaka, Jakarta, Manila, Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, London, Oslo, and Prague using flights from Korean Air.

Regardless of the type of class, seats will be given with a 170-degree recline. Long-haul flights are more enjoyable when there are adjustable armrests and in-seat massage options.

Now when you wish to make changes to your flight booking with Korean Air, you can easily do so by visiting their official website or reaching out to their customer support but before that, you should know the flight change policy of the airline to ease things out. This article by TicketChanges provides you with the same.

Korean Air Flight Change Policy

The summary of Korean Air Change flight policy is as follows:

  • In accordance with the Korean Air flight change policy, customers may request changes to the flight date, time, service class, and travel destination.
  • Passengers may change their names on their tickets, according to Korean Air's name change policy. Reservations made with Korean Air do not permit ticket transfers to brand-new passengers. In this situation, the passenger must purchase a new ticket.
  • The cost of a Korean Air change includes both a change fee and, if applicable, a fare difference.
  • The Korean Air change policy is applicable to all ticket types, including award tickets, class of service, published fares, and consolidated fares.
  • Only flights run by Korean Air are eligible for ticket changes. Only reservations made through the Korean Air reservation online or the Korean Air customer desk are supported by the airline for change requests.
  • If a passenger is advised of a booked flight within 14 days of the scheduled departure, no change fee or fare difference will be charged under Korean Air's schedule change policy.
  • The Korean Air change price would be applied in addition to the other airline's fees and charges if the itinerary includes a code-share or interline agreement flight.
  • Korean Air Same Day Flight Change is possible when you reach out to the customer care team of the airline before the flight departs.

Korean Air Flight Change Policy 24 Hours

Here is how to use Korean Air’s 24-hour free flight change policy:

  • If the ticket was booked within 24 hours of the transaction, the Korean Air change date fee will not be charged. Only the fee difference is applicable at the time of requesting changes.
  • The 24-hour window for flight changes on Korean Air applies to all advertised, consolidated, restricted, and non-restricted fares.
  • If the Korean Air reservation was made through a third-party travel agency, whether it was done online or off, there would be a service price of 35 USD only for modifications; there would be no Korean Air change fee within 24 hours of the reservation.
  • Korean Air allows passengers to alter or change their name within 24 hours of purchase.
  • According to Korean Air Flight change policy, reward and mileage tickets are exempt from the 24-hour limit and can be changed by customers up to 24 hours after the flight.

What is the Korean Air Change Flight Fee?

If you do not change your flight bookings within 24 hours of booking your ticket then you will have to pay an amount to the airline that will be dependent on the type of fare you have. Read the following to know more:

  • For Saver Fare, if you have an Economy Class ticket then you will have to pay USD 150 as a Korean Air change fee.
  • If you have a Prestige Class ticket then you should know that the airline does not offer to save fares on this class.
  • And for First Class, Korean Air charges no flight change fee on this fare type.
  • For Standard Fare, if you have an Economy Class ticket then you will have to pay USD 150 as a Korean Air flight change fee.
  • If you have a Prestige Class ticket then you should know that the airline will levy a charge of USD 150 as a Korean Air flight change fee.
  • And for First Class, Korean Air charges no flight change fee on this fare type.
  • For Flex fare, regardless of the class, you are flying in, you will not have to pay any fee for changing your Korean Air flights.

How to Change your Korean Air Flight Booking?

No matter the fare type or service class chosen, you can easily change the origin, destination, travel dates, and flight time without making any kind of Korean Air reservation, but the flight must be one that Korean Air operates. There are two ways to modify or update your Korean Air reservation:

Here is a step-by-step guide to assist you to modify your Korean Air reservation online:

  • Go to Korean Air's website and select the 'Manage Booking' link.
  • Type the passenger's last anime together with the six-digit booking reference or 13-digit e-ticket number. To continue retrieving your Korean Air reservation, click the "Continue" button.
  • On the page confirming your reservation, click the "Change Flight" link, then choose the new departure date, time, or location according to your needs.
  • Choose a new flight from the list of options, then click the 'Confirm my pick' button to move forward.
  • Review the revised flight schedule here, then continue to the checkout page's payment section.
  • You might have to pay the applicable fare difference and/or the Korean Air ticket change fee in order to change a flight on Korean Air.
  • Payment options include debit or credit cards. You will receive a fresh confirmation email at your registered email address after the payment is successful.

Korean Air Seat Change Policy

When making a reservation or checking in online, Korean Air customers have the option of making a complimentary seating request. Additionally, there would be no additional charge for choosing a normal seat in advance. Before requesting a change of seat with Korean Air, keep the following in mind:

  • With the exception of the Super Saver ticket, which does not allow seat selection, Korean Air offers free seat selection at the time of booking.
  • Korean Air may charge a seat change fee of 48 USD per person, each way if the passenger needs to switch seats after checking in.
  • Korean Air may charge a change fee for front-row, exit-row, and seats with extra legroom.
  • According to Korean Air Change flight policy, travelers must submit a new request for seat selection after making the necessary adjustments to their flight schedule.

How can I Change my Flight after Contacting Korean Air Customer Service?

Callers can get in touch with the Korean Air customer support team at +1-860-498-9674. Your questions about changing your flight will be answered as soon as they can.

An automated system will connect you when you phone the Korean Air customer support number and inquire about your problems. The subjects you can select from include seat upgrades, policy details, cancellation or refunds, modifying or removing any travel arrangements, and reservation assistance. Then, a live representative of Korean Air will interact with you, pay attention to your concerns and questions, and immediately answer.

FAQs about Korean Air Flight Change Policy

What is Korean Air's Contact Information?
You can contact Korean Air in a variety of ways, including by calling their main line at (+1 860) 498-9674, using the live chat function to communicate with a representative, or by emailing them.
What is SkyPass?
The brand name of Korean Air's complimentary frequent flyer program is SkyPass. The miles can be redeemed for deals and discounts. The Morning Calm Club, Morning Calm Premium Club, and Million Miler Club are just a few of the many membership levels offered by the program.
How can I modify the name of a passenger on Korean Air?
You can change the name on your flight reservation by visiting Korean Air's official website. There, you can modify your flight reservation, or you can get help from customer support.
Does Korean Air have a 24-hour cancellation policy?
Yes, you have 24 hours to cancel your flight after making the reservation.
How much do I have to pay to change my flight if I have a Flex Fare?
You will not have to pay anything for changing your flight if you have a Flex Fare.
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