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The national carrier of the Netherlands, KLM Airlines is the oldest while also being the most opulent when serving luxury in its cabins. The airline operates in over 140 locations worldwide with a fleet of 149 aircraft. With its headquarters in Amstelveen and its main hub at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, it is the longest consistently running airline in the world.

With its aspiration to become a ‘service-oriented airline’, you are ensured to get an amazing traveling experience with KLM. Now when you require to change your flight with KLM, you can easily do it by contacting the airline or through their official website. This page by TicketChanges aims to inform you about the KLM flight change policy and the process of how you can do it.

KLM Flight Change Policy

Following is the KLM flight change policy which you should be well acquainted with before you go ahead and change your flight with KLM:

  • The KLM flight change policy only applies to prices that are not restricted.
  • If you make changes to your KLM Airlines flight reservation within 24 hours of purchasing the flight, there won't be a cost.
  • If you modify or update the passenger information on your KLM airline ticket, you must do so at least 30 hours before your scheduled departure time in order to do so without incurring a service charge after the risk-free period of 24 hours has passed.
  • You are entitled to free adjustments to your flight plans if KLM delays your flight by more than three hours according to the KLM change flight policy.

KLM Flight Change Policy 24 Hours

  • Within 24 hours after purchase, the KLM flight date adjustment fee would not be applicable. The only difference that would apply is the fare.
  • KLM both limited and non-restricted fares would be subject to the 24-hour policy on changing the departure date.
  • Passengers will receive a refund on the lowest pricing difference in the event that a KLM ticket needs to be changed within 24 hours.
  • If you want to request a KLM ticket change, you must pay a service fee of 35 USD if the original ticket was purchased through a travel agency or any online travel agency (OTA).
  • Within 24 hours of booking, passengers may also change names or make amendments without paying a cost.
  • In addition, even if your flight departs in less than 24 hours, you may be able to modify it with a KLM Same Day flight change. Contact the airline's customer service or get in touch with us for better support if you want to book a same-day flight with KLM.

The Limitations of the KLM Flight Change

The KLM flight change policy states that you are never permitted to change the passenger's name to another person's name. You are welcome to modify your KLM flights with the airline for no additional charge up to 30 hours before departure.

Adding a "flexibility" service will make it simpler to make modifications. It enables you to make three free flight changes with KLM. Only within Europe may a flight's date, time, or destination be changed. It is advisable to add this service when flying with KLM Airlines because it provides a lot of benefits.

You can buy the “flexibility” service only if:

  • You book your KLM flight ticket online.
  • You are traveling within Europe.
  • Your flight is scheduled to depart at least 10 days later.

KLM Flight Change Procedure

To make changes to your KLM Airlines reservations, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to, the KLM official website, using your preferred browser. then pick the area.
  • To view your flight information, choose the "My Trip" option and enter your last name and booking code.
  • Select "Change Flight" from the menu now.
  • To modify your KLM flight reservation, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Certain changes need a cost, which must be paid before the revisions can be made.
  • A confirmation message will be sent to the contact information you supplied after the payment has been completed.

KLM Change Flight Fee

According to the price restrictions on your ticket, you may modify or cancel your flight. After making a purchase, you can modify intra-European KLM flights with even more freedom if you upgrade your Light or Standard access to Flexibility.

KLM Airlines offers online services that permit free date, destination, and time modification requests for flights within Europe. Otherwise, a 200 USD administrative cost is included in the KLM change flight fee for the remaining overseas destinations.

Passengers must pay the appropriate fees if they request that a KLM flight be changed from a lower rate flight ticket to a higher fare flight ticket. If you use the same flight fare type, no cancellation fee will be assessed.

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FAQs about KLM Flight Change Policy

Can I modify my KLM flights offline or online?
Since the airline is aware of the possibility of uncertainty, you can easily change your KLM flights offline or online.
When do I not need to update my name if it is incorrect?

If any of the following occurred during your flights with KLM, you do not need to change your name:

  • There are multiple first names listed on your reservation.
  • Where your name appears in the reservation, there are no empty spaces.
  • Your maiden name and last name are both clearly visible on your passport.
After checking in, can I change the date of my KLM flights?
You can alter your KLM flights, even if you've already checked in. Before making the changes, simply cancel the check-in via the online portal or by calling customer care.
If I cancel my non-refundable ticket, what will happen?
You will be required to pay a cancellation fee of between USD 200 and USD 500 if you need to cancel a non-refundable flight, depending on the fare, destination, and length of the travel.
Can I get cash in return for my KLM voucher?
Some vouchers can be refunded and exchanged for cash, while others are non-refundable and can only be used to book a ticket or pay for extra services on
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