Copa Airlines Flight Change Policy on Ticket Changes

Copa Airlines is a flag carrier of Panama headquartered in Panama City. It is one of the customer’s friendly airlines. Copa Airlines believes in the comfort of its customer. If you have booked a Copa Airline Flight and due to some reason you need to change your flight then you can easily change your Copa Airline flight by following Copa Airlines Flight Change Policy. It’s important to understand Copa Airlines Flight Change Policy to make changes to your flight because the flight change becomes difficult when you are not familiar with the policy.

Copa Flight Change Policy

Copa Airlines Flight Change Policy allows flight change without any charges within 24hours of the booking. You may have to pay charges if you cancel your flight within 24hours of the booking. If you buy an expensive ticket, you have to pay the fare change. If your ticket cost lesser than the old one, you will get a refund and the refund will depend on fare rules.

For flight change you may contact the customer service of Copa Airline and get a new flight ticket. Your old ticket will immediately get cancelled once you change a flight and you will get a new ticket on your Email-Id.

How to Change a Copa Airlines Flight?

You can change your Copa Airlines Flight by following quick steps:

  • Visit the official website
  • From the travel tab select “Manage my Booking”.
  • Retrieve your flight detail by entering the Reservation code and Last Name.
  • Move to the flight Change option and enter the new flight date and destination
  • Make the payment if applicable
  • You can use the Copa Airlines app for Copa Airlines Flight Change.

Copa Airlines Change Flight Fee

You don’t have to pay Copa Airlines Change Flight Fee if you change your flight within a 24hours booking. You have to pay a flight change fee after 24hours of booking it will be a portion of your Copa Airline flight cost. Based on Fare types, you may have to pay a Flight Change fee Domestic flight change fee is between $30 to $50per head and for an International flight, the flight change fee is $50 to $75 per head. Passengers with promo tickets have to pay a full ticket fare as Copa Airlines Flight Change Fee.

Copa Airlines Same Day Flight Change

Copa Airlines Same Day Flight Change offers to change a flight on the same day for the same route if have requested for the change between 24hours to 2hours before your flight departure. This option of same-day flight change doesn’t apply to all fares. Same-Day Flight Change of Copa Airlines is applicable only when the origin and destination of the flight are the same. Copa Airlines' “Same Day Change” option allows Copa Airlines Passengers to choose a flight with a more convenient time on the same day of your booked ticket at the same original price.


  • Same-day flight change isn’t applied on Basic Economy tickets
  • You can request for Copa Airlines Same Day Flight Change only at an airport within 24hours of the scheduled departure time.
  • It’s only for the same date on which your ticket is booked.
  • Applicable for Copa Airlines flight only.

Copa Airlines Flight Change Policy 24 Hours

Copa Airlines Flight Change Policy 24 Hours allows its customer to change flight within 24 hours of booking and you don’t have to pay a flight change fee for that. You will be eligible for a refund if you buy a ticket with a fare lesser than the old ticket and the refund will be transferred to your account.

FAQs About Copa Airlines Flight Change

Can I make changes to Copa Airlines' Flight Date and Route?
Yes, you can make changes to Copa Airlines flight date and route by contacting the Reservation Center of Copa Airlines or by visiting one of Copa Airlines Sales offices.
Can I speak to a person from Copa Airlines?
Yes, you may contact the person of Copa Airlines by calling at +1 (888) 413-6950. You can also chat online.
Can I check the flight status of Copa Airlines?
You can check the flight status of Copa Airlines by visiting the official website of Copa Airline and on your screen, you will get “Travel Option” after clicking on it you can easily get the flight status option.
Do a name change on Copa Airlines Flight Booking is allowed?
Yes, Copa Airlines allow name change on Copa Airlines Flight ticket. You can change your Copa Airline name by visiting the official website
You need to move manage booking section and enter your reference number and your Last name. Here you can make the changes like name and can add a correct name. If you change the name within 24hours of booking, you don’t have to pay the name change fee. But if you change your name after 24hours of booking, you have to pay charges. Once you confirm your name and make the payment, you will soon get a new ticket with a changed name on your Email-Id. If you can’t change your name online you may contact Copa Airlines Customer care for help.
How can I book a Copa Airline Ticket?
You can book a Copa Airline Ticket by visiting the official website You can book a flight just by entering the date, departure and destination city, the number of travelers etc. and by entering your name, age, gender etc. and making the payment for the booking.
Can I make change my Copa Airlines Flight at the airport counter with an e-ticket?
No, you can’t change a Copa Airline Flight at the airport counter with an e-ticket because the changes are possible by the same method as the reservation is made. You can’t make changes offline if your ticket is booked online.
How much will it cost to change my Copa Airlines flight date?
The charge of changing the flight date (or even destination) of your Copa flight booking will vary on the type of fare you have. The earlier-purchased fare might no longer be available when you modify your travel date or destination, therefore you might also be required to pay the fare difference.
In light of the pandemic outbreak, Copa Airlines has relaxed its flight change policy so that you can change your itinerary without paying any flight change fees.
Can I switch flights on the day of departure?

You can change your flights on the same day of the departure. However, you must make your request 24 to 2 hours prior to departure. You can request at the airport to pay USD 75 (non-refundable) to purchase a seat on another flight for the same-day flight change.

The following circumstances will hold true :

  • The date and class of your trip must be the same as those on the original ticket.
  • Only certain fares make this possible.
  • Not all fares are subject to the USD 75 non-refundable fee.
  • The origin and destination cities must be the same; rerouting is not permitted.
  • Only flights operated by Copa Airlines are subject to such changes.
Do all Copa Airlines fares require a change fee?
No, not all Copa Airlines fares require a flight change fee. The flight change fee totally depends on the fare type of your flight ticket as Copa Airlines offers different amenities with different types of amenities.
How many countries does Copa Airlines fly to?
Copa Airlines serves numerous major destinations, which is about 80 major cities in 32 countries in the Americas.
Does Copa Airlines serve alcohol?
When you are traveling in Business Class of Copa Airlines, you are offered a complimentary beer and wine bar service.
Can I bring food on Copa Airlines flights?
You will be getting hygienic food and beverages onboard, but if you wish to bring your own food on board then you can.
Can I change the date and route of my Copa Airlines flight online?
You can change your date and/or route online if you bought your ticket straight from Copa Airlines. You must speak with the seller directly if, however, you bought your ticket from a third party. For processing your request, you can either get in touch with a Copa Airlines Reservations Center or stop by a Sales Office.
Does Copa Airlines allow a change of flight date?
Yes, depending on your fare circumstances and if a change charge waiver applies to your travel ticket, Copa Airlines lets you change your trip date with or without paying a change fee. If you purchased your ticket directly from Copa Airlines, you can change it online, over the phone, through your travel agent, or through Copa Airlines.
What is the Copa Airlines Flight change phone number?
This number is open 24/7 and toll-free. The flight change phone number of Copa Airlines is +1 800 FLY COPA (359 2672) in the USA and +1 647 493 5022 in Canada.
Does Copa Air have WiFi?
As of now, Copa Airlines does not provide internet access on board their aircraft.
How do I change my flight on Copa Airlines?
There are numerous ways to change your flight on Copa Airlines, you can do it by phone, online, and through the travel agent you purchased your ticket from, a Copa Airlines Sales Office, or Ticket Office, if you bought the ticket directly from any of Copa Airlines’ brand-owned sales channels.
Can you cancel a Copa Airlines flight?
You can cancel your flight, but you should be well acquainted with the cancellation policy before you proceed so that you can avoid facing any inconvenience. This is to be noted that completely used tickets are not refundable. And if your flight is canceled by the airline or is delayed by over 4 hours or more, you are eligible to get a full refund.
Does Copa have a 24-hour cancellation policy?
Much akin to many major airlines, Copa also has a 24-hour cancellation policy under which you can cancel your flight within 24 hours of making the flight reservations, and then you won’t be charged any cancellation fee, and you will even get a full refund for the canceled flight.
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