Air Canada Flight Change Policy

When you have purchased your tickets through Air Canada, changing your reservation for an Air Canada trip is not an "ordeal by fire." The airline has a group of experts that are available around the clock to answer your questions related to Air Canada change flight policy.

You can alter your ticket reservation at no additional cost under the Air Canada change flight policy:

  • Passengers can purchase tickets through Air Canada's official website or an authorized location.
  • All tickets must follow the airline's rules for changing flights.
  • Passengers can’t make any changes if the flight has already taken off.

Under the Air Canada change flight policy, passengers will get free itinerary changes if they are made on the same day as the purchase. Here is some additional information:

  • You must pay a set amount as the change costs depending on the route and fare if you wish to modify your Air Canada flight reservation beyond the 24-hour window or if you fail to do so within the 24-hour window after booking.
  • All travelers may modify their travel arrangements with the updated schedules. You should say thanks to the staff for the Air Canada change in flight policy.
  • If you let the passengers know in advance, then the airline may waive some fees.
  • If you alter your Air Canada flight at the airport or the Air Canada ticketing office, the airline has the authority to alter the administrative fees.

Air Canada Change Flight Fee

At the airport, if you decide to alter the flight on the same day, then the following fee will be assessed. If you are willing to see the Air Canada change fee, then check below:

  • Basic: No alterations are allowed
  • Flex: 75 CAD
  • Consists of comfort
  • Latitude: Contains
  • Business Class: Complimentary
  • Premium Economy: Included, Flexible, and $75 at the Lowest

Advice for Air Canada Change Flight Policy

  • You have to contact the source of your reservation if you need to alter an Air Canada ticket:
  • You can modify your reservation online through My bookings on if you made it directly with
  • You must get in touch with the travel agent directly if you made your reservation through one (online or offline).
  • Contact them directly if you made your reservation through, Air Canada for Business, or Air Canada Vacations.
  • You have two options if you bought your ticket directly from Air Canada:
    • You can choose to exchange it for an Aeroplan point and get a 65% bonus,
    • You can turn your ticket into an Air Canada Travel Voucher, which is transferable and never expires.
  • Before the scheduled departure time, you have up to two hours to make changes to your Air Canada flight reservation.

Air Canada Flight Change Policy 24 Hours

After purchasing a ticket, you have 24 hours to cancel it. No matter the type of ticket you purchase, you have 24 hours to change your mind and cancel it without penalty before rebooking.

However, depending on the pricing terms of your ticket, you may be charged for any modifications you make to your ticket more than 24 hours after purchasing it. So, passengers should always try to follow the Air Canada Flight Change Policy 24 Hours to avoid more expenses.

Air Canada Same Day Flight Change

Passengers can opt for Air Canada same-day flight change option to avoid extra fees. You will get 24-hours hassle-free customer service. Air Canada Airlines serve millions of smiles with its same-day flight change policy every single day. Air Canada Airlines will not charge you much as compared to its rivalry when it comes to flight change costs. Passengers will get varying flight change costs for different pricing types. To learn more about the Air Canada change flight fee, see the following:

  • Tango: $100
  • Flexibility: $75 Range: Depending
  • Latitude: Determined by the amount of the fare differential

You can see that these fees are applied to online transactions. This sum may change if you decide to make the adjustments at the counter. You can call the Air Canada flight change phone number for more information.

Air Canada Same Day Flight Change Policy Regulations

To avoid problems, you must keep the following crucial considerations in mind when making modifications on the same day:

  • The airline's policy states that you must pay a fee for a same-day flight adjustment.
  • The new flight must depart from the same airport and go to the same locations within 24 hours of the original flight.
  • The number of stops on the flight you're taking should match the amount on the original flight.
  • It must be a member of the same alliance if you want to book a flight with another airline.

The airline won't charge a change fee if it cancels your scheduled flight. In this situation, you can rebook your trip with them through any official channel or by policy.

If you are altering your flight by the same-day policy, it must depart at least three hours after the modification request was submitted.

FAQs of Air Canada Flight Change Policy

What is Air Canada change flight fee?
Flight fees are modified based on the date or time and classes of your flight.
What is the Basic Economy change cost on Air Canada flights?
If you want to modify your flight, you must cancel your Basic Economy ticket within 24 hours of purchase and rebook as desired. Air Canada does not authorize flight adjustments for travelers holding Basic Economy tickets unless they are made within 24 hours of purchase.
What is the cost of changing an Air Canada flight for tickets in Standard Economy?
The cost of a flight change for those with Standard Economy tickets is USD 100. If you possess a Standard Economy ticket, unless you make the change within the 24-hour window, you will be charged a flight change fee of USD 100 for flights that are departing within 60 days. On the other hand, passengers have to pay USD 25 for flights departing after 61 days or more. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for the fare difference if you choose a more expensive fare.
What is the cost of changing an Air Canada flight using Flex tickets?
If you have a Flex ticket, you must pay a change cost of USD 50 for departures within 60 days and USD 25 for departures after 61 days, unless you make the change within the first 24 hours. As with other fares, you must pay more if you choose a pricey alternative.
What is the cost of changing a Latitude, Premium Economy, or Business Class ticket on Air Canada?
Fully flexible rates, such as Latitude, Premium Economy, and Business, can be changed without incurring any fees. If you choose a more expensive choice, you must pay the difference in ticket; however, if you choose a less expensive one, you will receive a refund.
What is the cost of changing an Air Canada flight on a reward ticket?
Up to two hours before the departure of your flight, you may modify an award ticket. But all sorts of Award tickets will incur a cost of USD 100. However, travelers with an Altitude Super Elite 100k level are exempt from paying a change cost and will only be charged USD 75 for Aeroplan Diamond members.
What is the same-day change policy for Air Canada flights?
You can switch to an earlier or later flight on the same day according to Air Canada's change policy for same-day modifications. The following are the change fees for same-day changes.
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