What is American Airlines (AA) Flight Change Policy?

American Airlines is one of the most renowned airline companies around the globe as they provide quality airline services and value customers’ satisfaction. A flight that has the charm of luxury yet with affordable prices, helps American Airlines become the most opted when it comes to flying.

Of late, there has been a complete revision in American Airlines flight change policy. The flight change fees have been excluded for all domestic, short-haul, and selected long-haul international flights after April 1, 2021.

The Revamped American Airlines Flight Change Policy is as follows:

• There will be no charge in American Airlines flight change fee for every domestic and short-haul international flight, and selected long-haul international flights on all fares excluding basic economy.

• Now the traveler has an option of changing trip online and booking the flight later on—even Basic Economy tickets purchased between March 1, 2021, and March 31, 2022.

• It will not be allowed to change or cancel a Basic Economy ticket bought after April 1, 2022.

• If you wish to change your flight on the same day (24 hours period) then you will be charged around USD 75-150.

• As of now you’re permitted to purchase extra services with your Basic Economy ticket like upgrades, same-day flight change request, priority boarding, and seats. Purchasing Basic Economy tickets of American Airlines flights will now permit you to purchase extra services like upgrades, priority boarding and same-day flight changes.

• Becoming an Advantage Elite member will let you apply for your travel benefits on all fares—including Basic Economy.

These are the most vital and beneficial changes that have been made in the American Airlines flight change policy.

How to Change a Flight on American Airlines?

Since we realized the benefits of the revised American Airlines flight change policy, how do we change a flight on American Airlines when the situation call for it?

Follow the steps given below:

• Visit AA.com and click on Manage trips/ Check-in.

• Enter the information asked from you and click on the tab of ‘Find your trip’.

• Now click on View/Change to make changes on your trip.

• That’s it!

You can also change a flight on American Airlines through the application.

American Airlines Name Change Process

Seldom has it happened when we have booked the flight, and our desired seat but we make a minor mistake in typing in our name. To avoid the hassle that may raise at the airport it’s best to be acquainted with the American Airlines name change process. Following which, we can make apt changes and help ourselves from wasting a lot of time!

Follow the Steps given Below for the Booking in American Airlines Name Changing.

• Visit www.AA.com then go to manage trips/Check-in

• After the required information is filled in, click on ‘Find your trip’.

• Make the changes in your name, then you’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll be asked to pay for the correction.

That’s it! The mistake was corrected, without much hassle. You could also contact the customer support 24/7 for making the changes for you! Even easier right?

Policies Regarding American Airlines Name Change Process

Any mistake on your name while booking tickets of American Airlines? Now you must be wondering about making the name correction, then you should be acquainted with the terms that you must know about this policy:

• According to the terms & conditions of American Airlines name correction policy, you may go ahead a name correction following the legal steps.

• To correct the name on your ticket, you have to share the important government certificates and documents for the name corrections.

• If you have a non-refundable flight ticket, you will not be eligible to make a name change.

How much Does it Cost to Change a Name on American Airlines Flights?

There’s a fee involved when you attempt to make changes in your name of American Airlines flight.

• You will be asked to pay USD 25 as the processing fee for the name change procedure.

• If your flight is domestic then you’ll have to pay USD 200 for making the changes in your name.

• If your flight is international then you’ll have to pay USD 700 for making the changes.

If you have any queries or doubt regarding any of the policies, you can reach out to us any time of the day we at TicketChanges.com will be there for your better assistance and satisfaction! Happy Travelling!

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