How Do I Change the Name on Volaris Flight Reservations?

Based in Santa Fe, Álvaro Obregón, Mexico City, Volaris Airlines is a Mexican low-cost airline with its hub in Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Tijuana. The airline is the second-largest airline in the country following Aeromexico and it operates domestic and international destinations within the Americas. With a market share of over 28% of domestic traffic, it is the leading airline in the Mexican domestic airline market.

Now, when you have made your reservations with Volaris, it could be possible that sometimes in a rush of getting the best of the flight deals, you enter the name incorrect on your flight ticket. And you have a confirmed ticket now. What to do? For starters, stop worrying. You can easily rectify the minor mistakes in your name when you have booked your flight with Volaris. This article offers you the relevant information on how to change the name on Volaris flight reservations.

The Volaris Airlines Name Change Policy

Yes, it is correct that many airlines do not allow changes to be made to the name under your flight ticket. But, Volaris cancellation or Change policy (along with some other airlines) allows you to make modifications to the name on your reservations provided that the following restrictions are not exceeded in your requirements. You can change your name under the flight booking:

  • When in the name of the passenger, there is a letter missing or a letter is incorrect in any of the names under the flight ticket.
  • When you have a maximum of 2 letters to make modifications in any of the names of the travelers under the booking.
  • When the first name is filled in with the last name(s) and the last name of the passenger is input in the place of the first name.
  • When the registered name of the traveler consists of their married name and not the last name which is given at birth. You have to provide the legal documents that support your claim.
  • When you are not changing the whole name.
  • When there are at least 4 hours left for your flight to depart.

Volaris Name Change on Ticket Online

The process of altering the name online is quite simple and convenient to do. The best thing is when all the conditions which are mentioned above are met then you can make modifications to your name on the Volaris Airlines flight ticket right from the comfort of your house. You just need an internet connection and a digital device like a laptop or a smartphone. Follow the step-by-step guide given below to change your name on Volaris flights:

  • To initiate the process, visit the official website of Volaris Airlines at from your preferred internet browser.
  • Click on the option of “My trips” from the main section of the homepage.
  • You will be redirected to a new page of “Manage your trips”.
  • Now, find your Volaris flight reservation by entering the flight booking details such as the Reservation Code and the last name under the reservation.
  • Then proceed by clicking on the option of “Go to my reservation” to be navigated to your flight reservation.
  • Select the flight reservation on which you want to make alterations to your name.
  • Select the option of “Change” to continue with the name change process.
  • Follow the prompts shown on the screen to complete the procedure.

After you perform the aforementioned steps, the name change process will be complete and you will receive a confirmation message to your registered email address. It will consist of all the details of your revamped itinerary of Volaris flight booking. And if you need further assistance with the name change procedure, you can contact the customer support team of Volaris.

Volaris Change Name on Ticket Booking Offline

Apart from making modifications to your name on Volaris Airlines online, you can choose to do it offline through the following methods:

  • You have the option to modify your name at the airport ticket counter.
  • You have the option to modify your name by contacting the customer support number at 1(866) 988-3527.

When can I not change my name?

  • When you have bought your flight ticket with Volaris electronic credit.
  • In the case of no show for a segment of your flight, and your flight has begun.
  • When you are wishing to transfer your adult flight ticket to a minor or an unaccompanied elderly person.

How much does it Cost to Change a Name on a Volaris Ticket?

The cost involved in making modifications to your name on a Volaris flight ticket is around USD 100 to USD 400 depending on your destinations. When you contact the airline by calling the customer support team, you can make modifications to the name up until there are 1.5 hours left for the flight departure. You must submit the legal documents that support your claim of incorrect name under the flight ticket.

Furthermore, you cannot change your name under the flight ticket in a way to transfer your flight booking to someone else’s name.

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