What Happens if i Misspelled my Name on United Airline Ticket?

United Airlines, which began operations as Continental Airlines in 1937, steadily established itself as the voice of frequent domestic travelers. With its headquarters in Texas, this once-small airline expanded to become one of the biggest in the US. After being later purchased by the UAL Corporation, the airline became known as United Airlines. United Airlines took over Continental Airlines' new office in Chicago when Continental Airlines stopped operating there in 2012. When you book United online airline deals, the upgraded air services give extra savings to travelers.

Given its reputation as one of the most cost-effective airline carriers, people tend to travel often on United flights. However, there could be times when you have booked your flight with United Airlines, and there appears a mistake in your name under the flight booking. You don’t have to fret that much as when you book your flights with United Airlines, you can make the correction to your name following a few easy steps. Refer to this article to get a clear idea of how to change a flight on a United Airlines?

United Airlines Misspelled Name on the Ticket

In the aviation business, United Airlines is a well-known name. Because of its affordable ticket prices and transparent policies, it is greatly preferred by individuals in the United States. United Airlines, the third-largest airline in the world, seeks to provide the greatest service components. This airline provides simple ways to comply with the naming rectification policy. Knowing How to Change a Misspelled Name on a United Airlines Ticket can help you carry out tasks quickly and efficiently because making mistakes is extremely visible to a person. Keep reading to know about the name correction policy of the airline.

United Airlines Name Correction Policy

Humans have an innate nature to make mistakes, and the same happens when there is a mistake in the name under the flight booking. But you do not have to worry much when you have Misspelled name on the United Airlines tickets. It is quite common to happen which is why airlines have a different set of policies that allows the passengers to make corrections to their names with a few limitations. The name correction policy can help you make things easier.

As per the name correction policy, you have to provide the necessary documents to support your name correction claim. However, when you only need to make simple corrections, you can do it without providing any documents. They are as follows:

  • Spelling correction in the first name
  • Spelling correction in the last name
  • Changing your name to or from a nickname
  • Correcting or changing the prefix or title
  • Deleting or adding the initial or middle name
  • Interchanging the last and the first name

United Airlines Misspelled Name Significant Corrections:

Apart from making small changes or corrections to your name, you can request bigger modifications that occurred because of marriage, divorce, and any other reason. Although, in accordance with the policy for Misspelled name on the United Airlines tickets, you will be required to submit your request in writing and will be required to attach one of the following documents with it:

  • Your divorce decree
  • Your marriage certificate/ license
  • Legal document supporting the name change request
  • Any ID issued by the government that reflects the old as well as the current name

Alternate Document Option for Name Corrections:

It could be possible that you may not have the necessary documents mentioned above, but you do not have to worry about that. There is another way provided by the airline to correct the Misspelled name on the United Airlines tickets. You can submit a “Name Affidavit” to the airline that states the name change. Along with this affidavit, you will be required to provide a copy of any of your government-issued IDs that states your name. The affidavit can be found in the official website help page, and you may have to print it and send the document to the given address:

Mileage Plus Service Center

PO Box 1394

Houston, TX


United States

How Do I Change a Name on a United Ticket?

In accordance with the name correction policy of the airline for the Misspelled name on the United Airlines tickets, you can submit your request through:

  • Your Mileage Plus account profile, you can make the changes to your name under the ticket.
  • If the corrections are significant (such as the last name and first name) then you will need to find and upload the scanned copy of the required documents mentioned above.

The online procedure:

The first step you should take is to go to the official website of the airline at www.united.com from your preferred web browser.

  • Click on the option of “My Trips” and then under the Manage My Trips section, select “My trips”.
  • Now you will be required to fill in your ‘Booking confirmation number’ and the ‘Passenger’s name’ provided on the ticket.
  • Or you can fill in your MileagePlus Number and then proceed.
  • The new page will redirect you to your flight ticket where you can find the option of “Edit” and then you will be able to make changes to your flight booking.
  • Enter the correct name of the passenger that respects the United Airlines name correction policy.

When you have Misspelled name on the United Airlines tickets, you can also make corrections to your name through the following media.

  • You can contact your travel agent to make the changes.
  • You can contact the following number to request a name correction on your United flight ticket, +1 (800) 864-8331
  • You can reach out to the ticket counter of United Airlines at the airport as well

The Misspelled name on the United Airlines tickets can be corrected for a certain fee. When you raise the request within 24 hours of making the reservations, you will have to pay a fee of USD 75. And when you wish to modify your name under the flight booking past the 24-hours window, you will have to pay a fee of USD 200.

FAQs about the Misspelled Name in the United Airlines

Can you change your surname on the United Airlines flight ticket?
Yes, you can change your surname on the United Airlines flight ticket but you have to provide the supporting documents for making the changes.
Is there any legal method to make changes to the misspelled name on United Airlines tickets?
Yes, there is. You can head over to the help section of the website and then you can select the option of “Name Affidavit” that you can print and send to the official address of United.
Can I travel within the country without making name corrections?
No, you cannot travel anywhere without making the corrections. The airline reserves the right to deny you boarding if your name doesn’t match the government-issued ID card.


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