Can I Change a Swiss Air Flight within 24 Hours?

Have you booked a Swiss air flight? Do you want to change a flight with Swiss air within 24hours? According to the flight change policy of Swiss air, you can change your flight within 24hours of booking, you can request a rebooking without any charge within 24hours of the booking.

Passengers who change their flight after 24hours of booking may have to pay a change fee. You can also change the date of your Swiss air flight booking after paying a change fee.

How Do I Change my Swiss Air Flight?

You can change Swiss air flight by following some quick steps:

  • Visit the official website
  • Click on Book & Manage, move to “Manage my bookings” and proceed.
  • Now in the Manage booking section enter detail like Booking code, first and Last Name, and click on Submit.
  • Your travel detail will appear, using edit/change you can make the changes you want.
  • Make the payment if applicable.
  • Call the airline for Swiss air Change Flight and you can also connect with the airline using social media platforms.

You can also book and change Swiss air flights by visiting ticketchanges. You can call TicketChanges at Swiss airline’s phone number: +1-888-413-6950.

How can I Reschedule my Flight Ticket on Swiss Air?

You can also reschedule the Swiss air flight offline by visiting your departure airport by providing them with your booking code and first and last name and making the payment if required.

FAQs of Swiss Air Flights

How much does it cost to Change a Flight with Swiss Air?
Customers have to pay nothing if they change flight within 24hour of booking. Swiss airlines' ticket change fee after 24hours of booking is around $200.
Do Swiss Airlines offer same-day Flight Change and how much does it cost?
Yes, Swiss Airlines offers same-day flight change, and Swiss Air's same-day flight change fee is around $250.
Do Swiss air offer Name Change on the Flight Booking?
Swiss Air doesn’t allow name changes on Swiss Air flight booking but passengers may request name corrections up to three characters either on the middle, last or first name.
Can I Change my Swiss Air Flight for free?
Yes, you can change your Swiss Air flight for free by changing the flight within 24hour of booking.
Can I Talk to a Live Person from Swiss Airlines?
You talk to a live person of Swiss Air by calling the Swiss Air Customer Service Phone Number 18001025838.
How much Do I have to pay for the Swiss Flight Cancellation?
If you cancel a flight within 24hours of booking, you don’t have to pay any cancellation charge. Those who cancel their flight after risk-free hours have to pay a cancellation fee of around $200.
Do I Get a Refund on Booking with Swiss Airlines?
Yes, you can get a refund if you cancel your Swiss Air flight within 24hours of booking, you can request for refund by calling the airline. You can also request a refund after risk-free hours on cancellation of a flight, they may depend on the condition and you may have to pay a cancellation fee as well. For more detail, you can call the airline customer service number.


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