Does Lufthansa Airlines have free Cancellation Policy?

Lufthansa is not only the biggest airline in Germany; it is also the national carrier. It is the second-largest passenger carrier in all of Europe when all of its companies are considered. One of the initial five founding members of Star Alliance, the largest airline alliance in the world, is the airline.

Now if you want to know about the cancellation policy of the airline then you can refer to this page which elaborates on the Lufthansa Cancellation policy, Refund policy, and the procedure to cancel  or change your Lufthansa flight along with getting a refund.

What does the Lufthansa Airlines Cancellation Policy actually say?

There are many ways you can cancel your Lufthansa flights such as doing it at the airport, calling the customer support of Lufthansa, or canceling it via online method.

  • As per the Lufthansa Airlines cancellation policy, travelers may change or cancel their flight reservations up to 24 hours prior to departure.
  • You must pay the airline a cancellation fee in order to get a refund for your canceled ticket.
  • You can receive a full refund if you cancel your Lufthansa Airlines reservation within 24 hours of making the reservation and the flight doesn't leave until at least a week later.
  • If you purchased a non-refundable ticket, Lufthansa will cancel your entire reservation and you won't get a refund. You should always book a return flight to be qualified for a refund, it is advised.
  • If you are not offered flying services from the airline then you can claim reimbursement via sending an email to them. The reimbursement will be credited within 20 working days to the original payment method.

Lufthansa Airlines 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

According to the 24-hour cancellation policy, you will not be charged a cancellation fee and will instead receive a full refund to your original payment method if you cancel your reservation for a Lufthansa Airlines flight within 24 hours of making the reservations and the flight departs at least 7 days later.

How much is the Lufthansa Cancellation Fee?

After the 24-hour risk-free window has passed, there will be a cost associated with canceling your Lufthansa Airlines reservation. In order to receive a refund, you must pay a fee of USD 39, and you must pay USD 50 for award tickets.

As a cancellation fee for your non-refundable tickets, you will be required to pay the full cost of the ticket. If you cancel your reservation within 24 hours of making it, you won't be charged a cancellation fee.

It is strongly encouraged that you buy a round-trip ticket in order to avoid paying the Lufthansa cancellation fee.

How Do I Cancel my Lufthansa Flight?

  • Go to
  • Click on My Bookings and then fill in the Booking Code, the First Name, and the Last Name under the flight booking.
  • Hit on “Find Bookings”.
  • Select the option of “Cancellation” to continue.
  • Process the payment for cancellation if there are any.
  • Now the procedure is complete which can be confirmed by the email you will receive from the airline about canceling Lufthansa flights.

How to cancel the flight to get a refund?

This airline will issue refunds for canceled flights, subject to the limitations set forth in Lufthansa's refund policy. For refundable tickets, reimbursements are possible after deducting the cancellation charge. The only payment made to you will be the tax on non-refundable tickets.

The extra specifications for this airline's refund policy are listed in the list below:

  • Only refundable tickets will be subject to passenger requests for refunds. You can check whether your ticket meets this requirement on the carrier's website.
  • For tickets purchased with credit cards, the airline may need up to 7 business days to process your refund.
  • The airline may need up to 20 business days to send refunds for tickets purchased with cash or a check.
  • To request a refund from Lufthansa after canceling, you must complete a form.
  • The only way to receive a full refund is to cancel your flight within 24 hours of making your reservation. Due to COVID-19, the airline may cancel reservations and provide full refunds.
  • If none of your tickets have been used, you can ask for a refund that includes the tax.
  • Refund requests might not be processed right away.
  • Your flight is delayed by Lufthansa by more than 2 hours, more than 5 hours, or more than 7 hours owing to an irregularity on the day of your flight.

If you need further information on how to cancel your Lufthansa flight or have any doubt about the Lufthansa Cancellation Policy then you can reach out to us any time you wish, as we are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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