How Do I Change Flights on Japan Airlines(JAL)?

With its main office in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan Airlines Co. Ltd., the country's flag carrier and second-largest airline as of 2021, is a global airline. The Japanese government recognized the necessity for a dependable air transportation system to support Japan's economic development in the years following World War II, and on August 1st, 1951, Japan Airlines was founded.

When you have booked your flight with Japan Airlines, you can conveniently make modifications to your flight ticket as the situation arises. You can reach out to us at Ticketchanges, as we can assist you in making all the changes that you wish to make, and along with that, we can help you get information on all the relevant policies. This page helps you get an insight into the Japan Airlines flight change procedure and other regulations.

What is the Policy to Change my Flight with Japan Airlines?

Uncertain events can come any time and knock out your perfect plan but don’t sweat over it when you have Japan Airlines flight tickets. By visiting the official website of the airline, you can make modifications to your Japan Airlines flight booking easily. However, before you do that, you should be well-versed with the flight change policy of the airline which is as follows:

  • According to the pricing type, booking method, destination, flight types, and many other significant aspects, the airline assesses Japan Airlines flight change fee.
  • If adjustments are requested outside the designated free change times, Japan Airlines will charge a change fee, according to the airline's change flight policy.
  • Passengers holding foreign tickets will be required to pay significant amounts of the ticket price as JAL international flight change costs.
  • Tickets purchased through authorized channels are subject to Japan Airlines' change reservation policy.
  • Travelers with valid tickets have until the day of departure to amend their plans. Passengers are not permitted to change their forms or routes by the airline.
  • You cannot change the destination of a trip that has been booked on an international route.
  • You cannot switch the journey's destination to another city if it is planned to take place within Japan.
  • According to Japan Airlines flight change policy, changes to the passenger's name or any other piece of personal information are not allowed. If there are any changes that need to be made, you must cancel the planned trip and purchase new tickets while still paying the necessary expenses.

How do I change Japan Airlines flights?

You can change your Japan Airlines flight reservations by following the guide given below:

  • To initiate the Japan Airlines flight change process, from your preferred web browser open the official website of Japan Airlines,
  • Select the option of “Manage Booking” to begin the process of changing your flight ticket. Then proceed to click “Manage Flight Booking”.
  • The next page will ask you to fill in the flight number, boarding date, the last and first name under the flight booking, and reservation number.
  • Then click on the option of “Booking details” to continue.
  • Select the flight that you wish to make changes to your tickets such as the destination, date, add seats, and other services, and then proceed to click on the “Change/Cancel” option.
  • Now go on to process the Japan Airlines flight change fee if applicable to complete the process.
  • You will receive an email or a text message confirming the changes you made to your Japan Airlines flight booking.

How Can I Change Flight Date on Japan Airlines?

The JAL change flight date policy states that travelers pay a certain percentage of the reservation value as a flight change fee. However, if you raise a request to change the flight date within 24 hours of making the reservations then you can do it without paying any fee.

The Japan Airlines Change Flight date policy is as follows:

  • Bookings made through outside sources are not eligible for JAL's change-flight-date service.
  • You must make the request well in advance to adjust the departure date.
  • According to the Japan Airlines change reservation policy, a traveler who has changed their name or flight routes cannot modify the time of their trip.
  • Due to COVID, the airline provides a free date change option on some routes. It implies that the JAL flight date change fees won't apply to you. However, in addition to other necessary fees, the airline will also charge fare variations.
  • The TOKUBIN Advance Purchase Fare, SAKITOKU Advance Purchase Fare, Senior Citizen Stand-By Fare, Transit Fare, or Sky Mate Stand-By Fare cannot be changed, in accordance with Japan Airlines' flight change policy. The airline will forfeit the entire cost of the ticket if they submit a JAL change of flight date request.

Japan Airlines Policy for Same-Day Flight Changes

According to the Japan Airlines flight change policy, passengers can upgrade to Class J or First Class tickets on the same day of the flight departure by paying the following fee:

When you have a Class J flight ticket you have to pay JPY 1,000 along with the applicable charges. And when you have a First-Class flight ticket then you will have to pay JPY 8,000.

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