How Do I Change a Flight on Southwest Airlines?

Do you know Southwest Airlines delays? But don’t worry about that, just get the better understanding of the Southwest change flight policy, Southwest change booking, Southwest reschedule flight policy, southwest airlines change name on ticket, and many more. Southwest accepts the plan change and they don’t ask money for it, the passenger just have to pay for the change in prices of ticket they choose. You may even ask for refund if you have difference in prices of tickets if you have booked using cash/credit card. Southwest flight booking has the facility to rebook ticket at lowest price and there’s no extra charges on changing flight.

What is Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy?

Southwest Airlines flight change policy is that you can change flight 10 minutes before your departure time, if your flight is to depart at 10 am, you have to make changes and cancel flight till 9:50am. If your plan has changed involuntary then you may change flight date/time by 14 days before the departure date and don’t have to pay any extra money.

How to Change a Flight on Southwest Airlines?

Changing a flight on Southwest Airlines is very easy, you just need to call Southwest Airline at 1 (800) 435-9792. Southwest Airlines specialists will be responsible for any modification. The one thing that needs to keep in my mind that prices of tickets may vary.

  • Is there any limit in changing flight or can change as per wish?
  • No, there’s no limit to change ticket you may change many times, you just have to pay for the change of cost of price.

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Southwest Airlines Name Change Process

Southwest Airline allow Name Change Policy, it can’t be done through third party travel Agent.

Southwest Airlines Name Correction:

You may change up to four characters in the first name, middle name and last name. It should be kept in mind that you can make change in four character either in one like first name or middle name not in all.

  • Changing name on ticket.
  • According to name change southwest airlines is only possible in legal circumstances like name change after marriage, divorce, or legal name change on Southwest Airlines ticket.

Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy Highlights:

  • No transfer of ownership on existing PNR is permitted as per the Southwest Airlines name change policy.
  • Rapid reward member can’t ask for the name change on ticket
  • There’s a fare applicable for the name change policy in case of multiple fare rule on ticket.
  • After correction of name is done, the Passengers needed to select seats again, swapping of seats between the old and new PNR isn’t possible.
  • According to Southwest change policy, flight segments with wrong name need to be cancelled for no-shows and it can be claimed to refund e-ticket.

FAQs of Southwest Flight Changes

Can I Change my Name on a Plane Ticket Southwest?
Only in the case of a marriage name change (or legal name change) will you be allowed to make modifications to your name as per Southwest.
How much does it cost to Change the Name on a Plane Ticket Southwest?
If eligible to change the name, you will not have to pay anything to the airline.
How Do I Change my Last Name Online in the Southwest?
Visit the official website of Southwest and then navigate to the manage booking section. You will be asked to fill in your flight details, after which you will be redirected to your flight ticket. Now click on the option: Change/Cancel to proceed. Change your name.
Can I Call to Change my Last Name in the Southwest?
Yes, you can contact Customer Relations at 1 (800) 435-9792 to make modifications to your name.
Can I Change my Southwest Flight without Paying the Difference?
Since Southwest doesn’t charge any fee for changing flights, they only charge you the fare difference if there is any. This is unavoidable.


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