How to Change Date on Turkish Airlines Flight?

The national carrier of Turkey is Turkish Airlines. As of August 2019, it was the largest mainline airline in terms of passenger destinations and frequently traveled to 315 locations across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. The airline flies to 126 countries, which is more than any other airline and offers more non-stop destinations from a single airport. With a fleet of 24 cargo aircraft, the airline's cargo division now serves 82 sites.

When you have made your reservations with this fascinating airline and then comes a time when you have to change the flight dates since your travel plans have changed. You can easily do so using their website information which you can find in this article by TicketChanges.

What does the Turkish Airlines Flight Date Change Policy Entail?

  • The airline permits customers to modify their tickets for free within 24 hours of purchasing them, in accordance with the Turkish Airlines Flight Dates Change Policy 24 Hours. Only the method used to purchase the tickets can be used to change a Turkish flight.
  • If the tickets were bought online, only then can changes be made.
  • If customers alter their flight after the free change window has passed, they will be charged a modest price by the airline; if the original flight cost less than the new one, they will be required to pay the difference.
  • If you begin the flight date change process when there are less than 12 hours for your flight to depart then you will have to pay 30 percent of your total ticket fare.

How to Change the Turkish Airlines Flight Dates?

By using the airline's ticket booking change option, you can modify the date of your Turkish Airlines journey in a number of different ways. See the section below for further details about altering your flight.

  • Search the homepage of the airline's official website,, for the "Check-in/Manage booking" option.
  • Enter the flight details, including the passenger's last name and the ticket number or reservation code, on the next screen (PNR).
  • To proceed, click the "next" arrow button.
  • Next, click the location on your flight reservation where the modification has to be made.
  • On your flight reservation, choose the "Date" option and then modify it as necessary.
  • You'll receive a confirmation email from the airline detailing all the modifications you made to your Turkish Airlines flight reservation.

What is the Turkish Airlines Flight Date Change Fee?

Typically, a date change costs between 20 and 40 euros. For short- and medium-distance flights, the change fee is EUR 20, while it is EUR 40 for long-distance flights. You must make the changes at least 12 hours before your travel. If your new flight is shorter than your original itinerary, a change fee of EUR 20 will be charged on an Economy Class ticket. A date change in business class costs EUR 40. If you change your ticket less than 12 hours before departure, you will be charged 30% of your price.

Turkish Airlines Ticket Date Change Fee for Award Tickets

There is a TRY 50 change fee for award/companion tickets on internal Turkish Airlines flights.

On international flights, there is a USD 25 ticket change cost for award/companion tickets.

The Miles refund fee for award/companion tickets and upgrades on domestic Turkish Airlines flights when you haven't used any discount vouchers is TRY 50.

USD 25 for foreign flights.

The fee for a Miles refund for a No-Show (if you don't take a flight without canceling it) on domestic flights inside Turkey is TRY 100.

USD 50 for international flights.

FAQs about Turkish Airlines Date Change Policy

What time does the airport check-in window close for Turkish Airlines?
The check-in counter at the airport shuts 60 minutes prior to departure for domestic flights and 75 minutes prior to departure for international flights.
Can I change the date on my Turkish Airlines flight?
Yes, you can change it, refer to the policy that entails the procedure for the flight date change.
Can I alter the name on my Turkish Airlines flight booking?
You can change the name on your flight booking as long as it does not change the whole name of the passenger.
How much does it cost to change the name on Turkish Airlines flights?
It costs about EUR 20 to EUR 40 to change your name on the flight booking.


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